A legend about the Elephant (A.Zaykova)

There was a legend in the tropical forests of Africa about a Magical Elephant who lived somewhere near the river. People talked a lot about him and all of the gossips were different. Some of them said that he could heal all the injuries with a touch of his trunk. Others claimed that The Elephant could travel in time. But nobody knew what was the true story.

One day two friends decided to travel down the river to find The Elephant. Their names were Oliver and Lucy. It took them one month to gather all the information around the city. They made a plan and took off.

They spent a week on the way. On the second day Oliver twisted an ankle. That was a problem, because he was the one who carried most of the bags. So, our heroes had to pitch the tent in the middle of the forest for couple of days. After Oliver felt better they started walking again.

They spent another couple of days on the way and then they found a huge abandoned building. It was completely destroyed and out of power. That was the place where The Magical Elephant lived. Lucy opened the door and saw him: he was so huge she couldn’t see him whole. What happened after was just a miracle…

written by Anastasiia Zaykova
read by Yevgen Zheltukhin

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